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Yoga by the Sea
Practising Yoga


Founded in 2016 by Alyssa DelTorre from her own fitness journey inspiration. To gain some control over her life, self and find healing from childhood, she started to workout and educate herself when it came to health, nutrition, and fitness. As she started to gain some momentum, she went out looking for cute workout clothes that made her feel good while she was trying to look good and found there was not much on the market that hit the three "F's", FASHIONABLE, FUNCTIONAL, and FITNESS CLOTHING. So, Focus Nation Fit was born.

Over the years, the vision has evolved and will continue to evolve as we grow, consciousness and as people. Starting in a small one-bedroom apartment to now sponsoring multiple pageant, pageant contestants and adorning the bodies of amazing body builders. We are so excited to see where our journey leads!

Image by Derick McKinney
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