Letter from the Founder
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Alyssa DelTorre

Ms. United States 2018

Life & Wellness Coach, Entrepreneur, Speaker

Dear friend,

My life has shown me just how much we impact the world with how we chose to show up every day. You have more power and strength than you even know. 

No matter where you come from or how big your dreams are, you are ultimately in control of your destiny. I have taken over a decade to study psychology, personal development, the body, nutrition and fitness as it pertains to the effect it has on the body in healing.

I truly believe that each of us has a energy from source that allows us to heal from anything we have been through. With guidance and support we can return to the pure joyful beings that we are. My goal is to support others in that journey with this company. Every big dreams has to start somewhere

My mission is to build Focus Nation into a direct selling company that empowers everyone to find, train, and embrace their inner and outer strength while providing a  vehicle that can support your dreams and goals. This is just the beginning and I know I can't do this alone. 

To the United States National Pageants organization & team, my sponsors, friends, family and sister queens THANK YOU SO much for supporting me during my year of reign and supporting me in the launch of my dream company and legacy. In honor of my platform & the service mission of this organization, I've decided to donate  a percent of all proceeds to the charity, RAINN.

Love Always,





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